From the Apple Orchard to Drinks Factory

First there was Niemishovi Farm with it’s apple orchard and juicing station. From this foundation of juice blossomed Paksuniemi Drinks Factory in Rääkkylä, North Karelia producing high-quality ciders, country wines, sodas and beers.

Cider is produced at Niemishovi Farm while wines, beer and sodas are prepared in the historical Dairy & Granary building in Paksuniemi.

Real traditional British-style Jyrki-brand ciders are at the core of Paksuniemi Drinks Factory production. Paksuniemi Drinks Factory managed to be the first in Finland to market 100% pressed apple juice into dry and additive-free cider.

Sparkling Kuohua- berry wines, Kruunu-brand Musta (Black)- and Vihreä (Green) wines, and juicy soda pops have their equal standing amongst the drinks production. The newest family member is Luja ote- beers (Luja ote: Firm/steady/stable grasp) New products are developed and tested continually.

Jyrki Hirvonen

The Master of Paksuniemi Drinks Factory’s is Jyrki Hirvonen. He comes from an abundant ”goes back-many generations” farm; once full of veggies (mostly organic onions) he spliced them over to berries, transformed some fields to Apple Kingdom, received a degree in Agrology, has travelled around the world and is a most-opinionated man.

Paksuniemi Drinks Factory

2004-2005 Jyrki Hirvonen plants first apple orchard and berry fields on the still-in-the-family for many generations farm.

2006-2007 First test batches of cider. First test batches down the drain.

2009-2010 Jyrki Hirvonen completes the required Professional Certification in Wine Production required by Finnish law and founds Niemisbygård Ltd.

2011 Country farm shop Kielletty Hedelmä opens at Niemishovi farm. In production are four sparkling wines and two ciders.

2013 Preparations are made for moving from Niemishovi to Paksuniemi harbour and restaurant (shop) and the old Dairy Granary for production.

2014 First employee Christiana Harle steps into the circle. Country farm shop Kielletty Hedelmä opens its’ doors in Paksuniemi.

2014 Jyrki #1 (Försti) medium cider wins at International Cider & Perry Competition, Hereford Cider Museum, in its class Medium Culinary Cider in England.

2015 Jyrki Perinteinen (Traditional) cider wins the Putley Big Apple in the Open Dry Draught cider series and a week later wins the Culinary Dry Cider series also in Hereford, England.

2016 Beer starts brewing in Paksuniemi. The first kegs of Luja ote- beer are sold out at Rääkkylä’s Kihaus- festival.

2016 Cider production returns in the late autumn to the Apple Kingdom, Niemishovi Farm at the end of the year. Christiana completes Professional Certification for Wine production degree.

2016 Winter selection are six ciders, 2-3 sparkling Kuohua wines, two long drinks, Kruunu Mustaviini (sweet) , soda pop and beer. New products forthcoming.