Cider Culture

I remember when I first started working with Jyrki and him going on about Cider Culture: what it is, what kind of folk, where…. he waxes poetic on the subject!

Now having been in Cider and going abroad to engage in so-called Cider Culture I think I understand what he means. Cider Culture is laid-back, relaxed, folk are who they are, people sit around and open a bottle or pull the tap and talk about all things and solve problems on personal and national levels, people help each other, there is not a lot of make-up! Clothes are down-to-earth, funky even sometimes…and more often find boots or sandals on feet than high-heels or black pointy leather-tops. Down-to-earth.

The music in Cider Culture is folk-bluegrass-reggae-fusion… but even with saying that I am sure I am just trying to box it up into a square package. Cider Culture is NOT a boxed-up entity (except the 100% pure pressed apple juice) but of people, land, apples, heart.

In a nut-shell or the core of the apple: there are no rules concerning the ways of enjoying cider, race, clothes, religion, musical tastes…. Just be as ONE, RESPONSIBLE and ENJOY.

 -Not sure what the winemakers would say…